Congratulatory message on the occasion of school Parton Saint St. Sava

27.01.2023 - 11:15

President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska, Dr Nenad Stevandić, congratulated today on behalf of the National Assembly and on his behalf, the school Patron Saint of St. Sava to the Patriarchate of the Serbian Orthodox Church, as well as to all students and educators in the Republic of Srpska.

 "I congratulate you on the school Patron Saint, which is celebrated in honor of the first Serbian archbishop, educator, and founder of literacy, education, and statehood, Prince Saint Sava." "By celebrating and remembering the foundations of the faith and enlightenment of the Serbian people in our schools, the highest spiritual values, Serbian culture, and language are promoted and preserved as the foundations of the identity of the Serbian people," emphasized President Stevandić.

 He wished all students and educators to stay on the path of holiness and pointed out that investment in young people, education, and schooling, which Saint Sava taught us, is the only way to prosperity and a better future for all of us.