President Čubrilović:”Oluja” is the largest and one of the cruelest ethnic cleansing in the former Yugoslavia

02.08.2019 - 12:15

The President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska Nedeljko Čubrilović said on the commemoration on August 4th, Remembrance Day for all Serbs killed and expelled in the Oluja armed operation, that it is the largest and one of the most brutal ethnic cleansing in the area of the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

"The fact that those responsible for this horrific crime, which killed about 2,000 civilians and expelled some 250,000 Serbs whose property and homes were destroyed and burned, was not legally convicted, represents a complete defeat of international law and justice. Just like 24 years ago, the bombing of refugee Serb columns with elderly women, women and children who were powerless did not interest the international community, it seems that even today they are not interested in the truth, establishing responsibility and prosecuting all those responsible for the suffering. of the Serb people, "President Čubrilović said.

The President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska said it is very important that the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Srpska together commemorate the anniversaries of the suffering of Serbian people.

President Čubrilović emphasized that it is also devastating that this tragic date is celebrated in Croatia and that the Oluja action is celebrated, and it is especially devastating that in certain places it is celebrated with the characteristics that were characteristic of the NDH.

"All this shows the unenviable position of the few Serbs in Croatia, and the problems faced by expelled Serbs who still have failed to exercise their basic human, labor and property rights in that country, which is also a member of the European Union “said President Čubrilović.