President Čubrilović and Ambassador Sattler on good cooperation between Srpska and EU

11.10.2019 - 12:15

President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska Nedeljko Cubrilovic talked today in Banja Luka with Johann Sattler,  Head of EU Delegation to BiH.

President Cubrilovic welcomed the new appointed Head of EU Delegation to BiH and emphasized that the institutions of the Republic of Srpska have very good cooperation with EU Delegation and expressed his belief that good cooperation will be continued in the future.

President Cubrilovic said that National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska unanimously expressed its commitment for European integrations and its work is intensively dedicated to enacting laws and acts in relation to EU standards, no matter of the EU membership status.

On this occasion President Cubrilovic thanked the EU Delegation for their contribution for the construction of the bridge on Sava River in the city of Gradiska, which will connect and enable better functioning of the whole region and with the countries of the European Union.

President Cubrilovic said that it is necessary to finish the formation of the joint institutions on BiH level because of the both, the Republic of Srpska and Federation of BiH and its citizens.

 President Cubrilovic and the chief of the EU Delegation in BiH exchanged opinions on other issues related to the situation the Republic of Srpska and BiH.