President Čubrilović with the attendants of the Academy for political leaders in BiH, students and secondary school pupils: Young people are the strength of this country

29.11.2019 - 13:45

In the framework of the Open doors day students from the Academy for political leaders in BiH in the organization of the NGO “Perpetum mobile “ and secondary school pupils visited today the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska.  They were addressed by the President of the National Assembly Nedeljko Čubrilović.

On this occasion President Čubrilović stressed that the National Assembly is always opened for young people and their projects, as well as for the public and the media.

“We are pleased and honored to welcome you today in the National Assembly. It is beautiful to see young people in MP's seats. I hope this visit will also be of a great benefit in further education, specialization and during the progress in your career” said President Čubrilović.

President Čubrilović talked about the role and the significance of the National Assembly in the process of creation of democratic institutions and the strengthening of the rule of law. He stressed that the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly is the highest document which should be respected by all MPs.

Young people had many questions for President Čubrilović concerning political relations in BiH, European integration of the country, institutional support for young people projects and about young people leaving the country.

By answering all these questions President Čubrilović said that he agrees that there are many problems in the country and the society has been burden with many challenges and questions but that for sure young people should stay here and with their knowledge and capacities contribute to the resolving of crucial life problems , for the wellbeing of all citizens.

The participants from NGOs and secondary school students thanked President Čubrilović for the reception and the expressed support