President Čubrilović meeting with the pupils of the Gymnasium in Banja Luka and Medical School concerning their medals won on the ‘Tesla fest” in Novi Sad

12.12.2019 - 13:30

The President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska Nedeljko Cubrilovic visited today the Gymnasium in Banja Luka where he gave a great honor to the secondary school pupils who won one gold medal and two silver medals in October ion International festival of innovations, knowledge and creations “Tesla fest 2019” in October in Novi Sad, for the presented innovations.

President Čubrilović who was the sponsor of their participation on the ‘Tesla Fest” in Novi Sad and on this occasion he symbolically handed the golden medals to the professors and mentors who were the part of the winning team in Novi Sad as well as to the students who were part of other contests concerning creations and innovations.

“These young people using their knowledge and with the support of their professors and mentors have gained a great success on the innovations festival in Novi Sad and we congratulate them on that. By winning these medals they have shown that they come from the prestigious schools Gymnasium and Medical School and it is our pleasure and honor to have supported them

The president of the Parliament expressed his special pleasure for being a part of this event and for supporting young and talented people.

“This is a great and important support for us coming from the institutions of the Republic of Srpska. It is a great stimulation for our pupils for the future contests and further scientific work”, stressed the director of the Gymnasium in Banja Luka, Vita Malesevic.