President Čubrilović participated in the work of the “Danube Business Forum” in Novi Sad

03.10.2019 - 12:45

The President of the National Assembly Nedeljko Čubrilovic told today on the opening of the eighth Business Forum in Novi Sad that the region has a chance for development but that it is necessary to potentiate the development of the economy.

“When we reach potential results in this area, we will not leg in any other area “appreciated President Čubrilovič. His talk was on the Second panel of the Forum named: “Chalenges of the EU: Western Balkans- unique economic and cultural area of free circulating of people and goods“.

 „In order for us to succeed we have to work on issues that Danube Forum potentiates“ said Čubrilović.

Opportunities like this one are rare for business people to attend and to exchange ideas and experiences and also to realisze concrete projects.  For this reason project like this one are important for the Republic of Srpska and I think it would be good to organize them in other countries of the region.”   


The organizers of this Forum are Media Inventory, Union of Employers of Serbia, Association for European Territorial Cooperation of Slovenia TERIS, Institute of European Regions from Salzburg and cluster "Ekopanonia" from Novi Sad.