President Stevandić spoke at the Third International Symposium "Law and Ecology"

23.09.2023 - 13:15

The President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska Dr. Nenad Stevandić said that it is necessary to persist in seeking justice for those suffering from severe malignant diseases as a result of contamination with depleted uranium during the NATO bombing and that the responsible persons must bear full responsibility.

Stevandić pointed out that the lawyers working on this case are not only leading a national fight for compensation for the victims, but also a global fight against the use of depleted uranium, and thanked lawyer Srđan Aleksić for his role in internationalizing this problem that affects the citizens of the Republic of Srpska and Serbia.

“At the round table in Banja Luka, we demonstrated the works of Srdjan Aleksic, and on that occasion, numerous colleagues from the Republic of Srpska and Serbia were able to see for themselves the quality of the gathered evidence. The same evidence I have demonstrated at the Ecology Forum in Sankt Petersburg” said Stevndic at the video addressing of the Third international symposium “Law and Ecology” in Niš.

Stevandic mentioned Italy as an example where Aleksic’s works were crucial factors in starting a big campaign for preserving the rights of sick persons. Advocates in Italy already managed to reimburse multimillion compensation from Italy for the soldiers of the NATO contingent who were sick from malign diseases. Unfortunately, some of them lost their lives.

“If the soldiers got sick many years after the bombing had happened then our citizens got more seriously ill in the process of the bombing itself,” said Stevandic.

NATO forces dropped a total of 1,026 bombs on the Republic of Srpska, including 13 tomahawk cruise missiles, while the total weight of the dropped explosives was around 10,000 tons.

 During the 78 days of bombardment of FRY, 37,000 thousand prohibited cluster bombs with depleted uranium were dropped.