President Stevandić talked with the Chief of EU Delegation and Special Representative of the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina about the activities related to the process of European integration

16.02.2024 - 12:45

The President of the National Assembly, Dr Nenad Stevandić, spoke today in Banja Luka with the Chief of the EU delegation and Special Representative of the EU delegation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Johan Sattler, and Simone Guerrini, Head of European Union Regional Office Banja Luka on activities and crucial questions related to the process of the European delegation.

At the meeting, it was reiterated that the institutions of the Republic of Srpska, together with the representatives of the EU, remain committed to the European integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina. President Stevandić added that this goal is at a political standstill at the moment due to the presence of an illegal high representative who, by imposing his decisions, slows down the process of European integration and acts anti-democratic and anti-European. He notes that the Republic of Srpska is a democratic society that passes its laws in parliament and will not accept any external imposition and interference in its legislative process.

The President said that respecting the Dayton principle of the agreement of three nations and two entities, without the interference of the international community, is the only basis for correct political action within Bosnia and Herzegovina. He added that it is necessary to work on fulfilling all 14 key priorities as quickly as possible, which includes closing the Office of the High Representative. Stevandić believes that it is necessary to turn the Office of the High Representative into an EU office that will play an active role in monitoring and supporting the accession process, which would also lead to a reduction of political tensions within Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the meeting, it was emphasized that the interlocutors have good and open communication and that there is a will to discuss all issues. Also, further cooperation was confirmed to implement all necessary reforms to continue European integration, while respecting internal political processes and the principles of democracy.