President Stevandic stated in Dobrovoljacka Street that the Republic of Srpska will fight for the equality of its victims

03.05.2023 - 12:30

The President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska, Dr. Nenad Stevandic, attended today in East Sarajevo and Sarajevo the commemoration on the occasion of the 31st anniversary of the crimes against members of the JNA in Sarajevo.

The laying of flowers in the former Dobrovoljacka Street in Sarajevo was preceded by a memorial service for the victims in the Church of the Holy Great Martyr Georgie in Miljevici in East Sarajevo.

Addressing the journalists, President Stevandic called for mutual reconciliation, appreciation, and respect.

"Mutual reconciliation is possible only if all victims are equal." We cannot justify the killing of people who were retreating and had guarantees from both the opposing side and the international community with the story of legitimate goals," said Stevandic.

He added that it cannot be expected that some victims are respected, and others are not, and that this should be the path to peace and reconciliation, but that all victims must be equal.

"We from the Republic of Srpska will not give up the fight for the equality of our people and decisions, but also for the equality of all victims," Stevandic told reporters.