Presidents Cubrilovic and Pastor visited the International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad

26.05.2022 - 14:45

President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska Nedeljko Cubrilovic and President of the Assembly of AP Vojvodina Istvan Pastor have visited today the International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, where exponents from the Republic of Srpska also participate.

At the media briefing, Cubrilovic expressed pleasure by the fact that the Chamber of Commerce stall has enabled exhibitors from the Republic of Srpska to promote their goods on this great agricultural review.

“At the Chamber of Commerce stall, we were informed that they are extremely satisfied with the fair promotion as well as the number of business relations and overall, by the number of people interested in the exposed goods.

He stressed that the economical exchange between Srpska and Serbia has increased for 40% comparing to 2021, and he expects for the exchange to be even higher by the end of the year, which illustrates the quality of the cooperation between Srpska and Serbia, reports Srna.

Cubrilovic highlighted that International Fair in Novi Sad has a tradition of 89 years, which is the evidence of its value.

Pastor said that he is honoured by the visit of the delegation of Srpska to the International Agricultural Fair. “This visit by the delegation of the Republic of Srpska is not nothing new in the sense of cooperation with Vojvodina, but one more episode to establish a higher level of cooperation”, said Pastor.

He stressed that this visit is important because we went from the political engagements to concrete themes and in this moment, it is agriculture, in other words food industry.

“Vojvodina will never allow for the Republic of Srpska to be endangered by food shortage, no matter of the global political challenges”, said the President of the Assembly of AP Vojvodina.

In short: „While Vojvodina has food, Srpska will also have”, stated Pator for Srna, answering the question if Vojvodina is ready to help Srpska in case there would be a food shortage, concerning the unfavourable geopolitical situation conditioned by the situation in Ukraine.

“I sincerely hope we would not come in that situation, having in mind the vitality seen today on Serbia’s and Srpska’s markets, as well as the extraordinary relations which we have. Our experience has shown that Serbia has always been with us, and that it is always here to support us”, stated Cubrilovic for Srna.