Stevandic: CIK broke its own instruction, Srpska will protect itself by law

06.12.2022 - 13:00

The President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska, Dr. Nenad Stevandic, stated today at the Press conference in the National Assembly that the ballot paper for the election of one delegate in the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH is invalid and stressed that Central Election Commission (CIK) BiH, with its yesterday’s decision, has broken its own instruction.

“We interpret the regulation only if it is not clear. This regulation is clear and the interpretation of the will of someone who marked the paper this way is out of the real world and has the features of prophecy and black magic. It is not the first time that CIK behaves this way. They have dealt with crisis making more than confirming election results”, said Stevandic.

He repeated that CIK severely broke the election law as well as its instruction on the procedure of implementation of indirect elections and that CIK has the possibility of repetition of the procedure if this situation has been considered a violation of the proceeding as it was happening at the election places where disputed ballot papers have been determined.

“The fact that CIK has not used this mechanism tells us that CIK has gone deeply into political processes, that it has been engaged in politics and has been on the side of political subjects that elected it, and on these elections, including SDA, have gone to the oposition side”, highlighted Stevandic.  

The President of the National Assembly has looked back on the voting procedure at the Session of the CIK itself.

“It is clear here how the decision-making went at the Session. It was 5:2. Two members of the CIK , who have voted against this decision have been chosen to this body at the regular procedure. The rest of the members, five of them, who voted in favour of the ballot paper, have been chosen by the ad hoc commission, said Stevandic and stressed that the Republic of Srpska must manage to find a legal solution for this manipulation.

“The Republic of Srpska has itself to deliver certificates for elected representatives of the institutions and not to allow for the election will of the citizens to be changed. Srpska must enact law solutions that will enable this, said Stevandic.

He highlighted that it is about the elections conducted on the territory and in the institutions of the Republic of Srpska and that he was sorry CIK tried to undermine the election cycle, and that this is not the first time.

He also said that CIK wants to make decisions in the name of the National Assembly and to suspend the will of this legislative body in Srpska.

President Stevandic added that SNSD will probably initiate an appeal to the BiH Court on this kind of decision of the CIK, and believes that judges will not fall under pressure and there will not be a need for the draw election of the delegates.

The President of the National Assembly gave to the journalists a list of legal acts that have been violated by this CIK’s Decision.