Stojčić and Borenović with MPs from the Western Balkans in Skoplje

19.07.2017 - 15:15

Vice president of the National Assembly and chairman of the Committee on Finance and Budget Željka Stojčić and chairman of the Committee on European Integration and Regional Cooperation Branislav Borenović participated today on the conference of Network of Parliamentary Committees on Economy, Finance and European Integration of Western Balkans, which is held in the parliament building in Skoplje.

The participation of representatives of the Natonal Assembly of the Republic of Srpska is another confirmation of the commitment of the Parliament of Srpska towards exchange of parliamentary experiences and strengthening of regional cooperation.

The host of the conference is the Preesident of Macedonian Parliament Talat Džaferi, and during the conference, along with the participation of MPs from the entire region and the representatives of NGO, the Roadmap for Good Governance and the Institutional Openness Indicator Study were represented.

The readiness to achieve complete transparency in the work of all institutions was emphasized, and the importance of the public work of legislative institutions with the aim of creating a democratic society.

It was concluded that the process of harmonization of domestic legislation with the European legislation should be continued and that the process of monitoring the spending of public funds should be intensified and the use of IPA funds should be more efficient.