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Respecting the will of all its constituent peoples and citizens to establish and preserve the Republic of Srpska and to establish the constitutionl order of the Republic in respect of human dignity, freedom and equality, national equality, democratic institutions, rule of law, social justice, pluralistic society, guarantees for and protection of human rights and freedoms as well as the rights of minority groups in accordance with international standards, non-discrimination and in respect for the rules of the market economy;

  • in order to ensure peace, tolerance and general welfare;
  • in order to contribute to the development of friendly relations among peoples and nations;
  •  expressing the commitment of the Republic of Srpska to fully respect and consistently implement the General Framework Agreement for peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which unambiguously accepts, confirms and guarantees the constitutional and legal position of the Republic of Srpska, as one of two entities within Bosnia and Herzegovina, National Assembly of the Republic Srpska declares:


Take over: The Constitution of the Republic of Srpska