The congratulations message of the President of the National Assembly marking 60 years of Faculty of Electrical Engineering , University in Banja Luka

25.11.2022 - 08:45

The President of the National Assembly, Dr.Nenad Stevandic, extended congratulations, on behalf of the National Assembly, and on his own behalf, to the dean of the Faculty of Electrotechnical Engineering, Zoran Đurić, marking the Day of the Faculty.

„ I want to congratulate you and all professors and employees at the faculty, great jubilee-six decency of work, with the wish to continue to develop this faculty, one of the best and the most respectable institutions of high education, in the country and in the region,“ stated President Stevandic in the congratulation note.   

The President of the National Assembly emphasized that the Faculty, due to the work and commitment of the professors, and the quality of the educational science program, many generations of electrical engineers were educated.

“You have educated generations of splendid experts, who gave an enormous contribution to the development of the informatic society and the establishment of modern electro energy and telecommunication and informational system in the Republic of Srpska. I congratulate you on the Day of the Faculty and I wish you success in future educational, scientific, and research work!”, said President Stevandic.