Press conference of the President of the Legislative Committee Mladen Ilic: Incorrect allegations about jurisdiction transmission on the BiH level

29.08.2023 - 13:00

The President of the Legislative Committee of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska Mladen Ilic said that the allegations of one part of the opposition concerning the Draft Law on the organization of the vine market in some jurisdictions are being transmitted to the BiH level are not correct.

Ilic said that these kinds of allegations demonstrate a basic lack of knowledge concerning rules, law, and the oragnisation of the BiH and the Republic of Srpska.

“We can describe this as one kind of political impudence when you try to fuss about public and serve this kind of lies,” said Ilic on a press conference in the National Assembly. He reminded that the EU asked for the harmonization of the Laws on a vine, and gave a time limit until 2024., on the contrary, vine exportation on the regional market as well as the EU market, would be forbidden for all producers in BiH, including vine producers from the Republic of Srpska.

According to his words, this kind of prohibition would be a serious ban to businessmen and the Budget of the Republic of Srpska, because vine producers export one- half of the vine exported from BiH.

“In this way, in 2020, by the formation of the working group, we entered the creation of this law. The working group had the obligation to talk to all relevant factors in the Republic of Srpska and in FBiH. In this way the Ministry in charge and associations gave their opinion”, said Ilic.   

He explained that there is a time limit of one year from the moment the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH confirms this Law to bring a regulation to explain all details that are not explained in the Law.

This regulation would be created also by the Republic of Srpska in other words, without the Republic of Srpska we can not bring this Law at the end”, said Ilic, adding that Srpska would not bring the regulation which is not acceptable for the Republic.

He added that citizens and vine producers do not have to worry that anybody would be harmed by this Law.