Delegation of the Greens from the European Parliament and Bundestag visited the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska

20.06.2022 - 13:45

Vice-president of the Republic of Srpska Denis Sulic and chairmen of the Legislative Committee Dusica Solaja and the Committee on European integrations and regional cooperation Igor Crnadak, talked today in the Assembly premises with the delegation of the Greens from the European Parliament and German Bundestag.

After the meeting vice-president Sulic stated that the Republic of Srpska has called the Federation of BiH to talk about the future of BiH but that they have not got the answer yet. “Unfortunately, we still do not have the answer from the Federation of BiH”, said Sulic.

He said that during the conversation with EU parliamentarians he highlighted the problem of Trgovska Gora where Croatian authorities plan to put away radioactive waste and that he asked them to resolve this problem.

Sulic said that he expects support and he also said that he will talk to everyone coming from the EU about this question.

EU parliamentarians consider that the economy should be the main topic of conversations in BiH and that it is important that the future of BiH should be in the EU and that there are many obstacles on this way that should be eliminated.