President Čubrilović congratulated to all participants of the national liberation struggle and to all citizens of the Republic of Srpska the 27th July, the Uprising Day to fight fascism

27.07.2019 - 08:30

The President of the National Assembly Nedeljko Čubrilović congratulated all participants in the National Liberation Movement and all citizens of the Republic of Srpska, July 27, the Day of Uprising in the Fight against Fascism, reminding that the Serbian people had made a great sacrifice in that struggle.

"The libertarian Serbian people, among the first in Europe, stood up against fascism. It was a tough fight. Even children were killed. Many Serb villages remained deserted, and many villagers, elderly, women and children were killed at their doorsteps or taken to death camps. Because of this, we must never forget the suffering and heroic role of the Serbian people in the fight against fascism and nazism," said President Čubrilović.

President Čubrilović emphasized that the Day of Uprising against Fascism is one of the most significant dates in our history, which testifies to the continuity of our people's struggle for freedom and their own survival.

President Čubrilović said that it is noticeable that today many are trying to minimize the sacrifice and contribution of the Serbian people during the liberation of these areas from fascist evil, seeking to condemn the Serbian people as the sole culprit for the 1990s war in the former Yugoslavia.

"As a proud people, we have an obligation to remember with great respect all the Serbian victims and to acknowledge all those who rose up in defense and fought for the freedom of all the people of the former Yugoslavia," President Čubrilović said.