President Čubrilović Visits Municipality of Čelinac and Delivers Donation to Kindergarten "Neven"

26.12.2019 - 13:15

President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska Nedeljko Čubrilović today visited the Municipality of Čelinac and the Kindergarten "Neven" in this city, where he donated funds for the purchase of appliances for the kitchen of this institution.

The Neven kindergarten management expressed great gratitude to President Čubrilović, who together with Mayor Zeljković visited this preschool, for their support in the work and donated a modern food preparation device.

"It is a pleasure to visit this institution that radiates positive energy and shines because of the smiles of these little ones. I congratulate the kindergarten management that, after the enormous damage caused by the floods of 2014, they were able to restore the nursery and create conditions for quality work and a pleasant stay for the little ones," said President Čubrilović.

The Speaker of the National Assembly emphasized that he was pleased by the fact that the number of newborns in this city was increasing.

"The Mayor informed me that in recent years the number of newborns has doubled. That's good news. That is why it is necessary to support institutionally development and demographic projects in the municipality and planned expansion of kindergarten capacity," said Čubrilović.

Mayor Zeljković thanked President Čubrilović for the visit and the donation, pointing out that this assistance means a lot to them.

"From 140 to 150 babies are born in our city every year. The goal is 200 babies a year. We plan additional budgetary funds for the implementation of population measures, construction of playrooms in the municipality and new kindergarten facilities for as many children as possible“ said Zeljković.

Acting Director of Kindergarten "Neven" Milovan Vujičić said that the kindergarten was destroyed in the floods in 2014, but that it was successfully restored and that today it functions smoothly for the joy of children and parents.

"President Čubrilovic's gift will further modernize the kitchen and we are very grateful to him for that," he said, adding that 163 children are currently in the nursery.

Prior to their visit to the kindergarten, President Čubrilović and Mayor Zeljković discussed development projects in the municipality of Čelinac for the coming year projects.