President Stevandic talked with Christine Toudic the Ambassador of the Republic of France to BiH

27.01.2023 - 12:15

The President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska Dr Nenad Stevandic talked today, in his office, with Christine Toudic the ambassador of the Republic of France to BiH. The interlocutors exchanged opinions on the actual political situation and increasement of bilateral cooperation.

After the meeting, at the press conference, President Stevandic said that by dialog and economic prosperity, political and every other diversity in BiH could be overcome.

On this occasion, President Stevandic thanked Ambassador Toudic for her understanding, when it is about the position and the attitude of the Republic of Srpska, toward actual events in BiH, Europe, and the World.

“The understanding of overall problems in BiH should be relaxed, and the Republic of Srpska wants to give it contribute to this plan, as well as in the process of adopting European legislation,” said Stevandic.

He also said that dialog should be led on this question, with the accent on problems that have consensus in BiH and overcome diversities in this way.

“It is unacceptable to force the resent formed authorities of BiH about themes where consensus can not be achieved,” said Stevandic.

President Stevandic said that in April, an event should be held, under the auspices of the highest representatives of the European Union in BiH.

He said that all of this, among other things, should contribute to better mutual relations and greater international understanding when it comes to the attitudes of the Republic of Srpska and overcoming various imposed stereotypes about the Republic and its decisions within BiH.

 Ambassador Christine Toudic said that, in addition to being the President of the National Assembly, she met with the highest representatives of the authorities in Srpska in recent days in order to improve bilateral relations, especially in the field of economy. She reminded that BiH recently received candidate status for joining the EU, and that it is time for everyone to try to make an effort on that front, especially when it comes to the adoption of European legislation.