Presidnet Čubrilović congratulated Vidovdan to the Third regiment – the Patron Saint of the Army of the Republic of Srpska

29.06.2020 - 09:15

The President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska Nedeljo Čubrilović congratulated in the name of the National Assembly and in his own name to the Third Infantry regiment (Republic of Srpska) of the Armed forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, to brigadier Milan Radojčić, officiers and soldiers, the Patron Saint of the Army of the Republic of Srpska-Vidovdan, one of the most important dates which marked our history through the centuries.

On this day the Republic of Srpska honors its Army which put the foundation to its creation and kept Serian people on this territory and saved them from total plight and prosecution. During that fight many of the best sons of the Republic of Srpska lost their lives and the memory on them and their sacrifice are our eternal obligation and oath for future generations to preserve and build the Republic of Srpska. “Let every Vidovdan in the future be the oath for heroism and decidedness to stay and exist on the traces of the honorable path of our ancestors who traced the road of freedom of Serbian people as the essence of our existence and duration.” says President Čubrilović in his congratulation card.