Stevandic: Students of security can deal with the modern age challenges

06.03.2023 - 12:15

The President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska Dr Nnenad Stevandic attended today in Banja Luka the anniversary event marking the sixth anniversary of the Faculty of security sciences in Banja Luka.

On this occasion, President wished all faculty staff, students, and graduates personal and professional joy and added that this faculty gained university and social verification, because it is a fact that those who are studying here have a broader view of the world and a better understanding of the context of the history and the future.

“The Faculty of Security Sciences was founded in the period when the Republic of Srpska was left without its influence in the intelligence systems of Bosnia and Herzegovina and when the voices for the abolition of the Republic of Srpska, and reduction of its constitutional capacities were becoming loud”, said Stevndic addressing the invitees.

While on one side we had the attempt to take away the institutions of Srpska, on the other side we worked on increasing the patriotism of the Republic of Srpska, and the way for doing this is precisely this faculty”, said Stevandic.

He added that with pride he can say that students and graduates from this faculty are among the most educated when geopolitics is in question and that they can deal with the burden of the new challenges of the modern age.

“The task of all of us is that this knowledge is used and utilized not only in the preservation of the institutions of Srpska, but also to raise the awareness and standards of Srpska, because in the future you will educate new generations and you will be the guardians of what your fathers and grandfathers invested in the creation of the Republic of Srpska ", said Stevandic.

Stevandic notes that the most important job is defending the Republic of Srpska which is constantly under great pressure.

“We are daily confronted with new menaces, and war rhetoric, and with a need to attack the Republic of Srpska. You are an indicator that in this defense, in addition to patriotism, you also possess the knowledge and love with which you overcome all future challenges," said Stevandic..

The ceremony was attended by the Serbian member and chairperson of the BiH Presidency Zeljka Cvijanovic, ministers in the Government of the Republic of Srpska Sinisa Karan and Zeljko Budimir, Dean of the Faculty of security sciences Predrag Ceranic, Rector of the University in Banja Luka Radosav Gajanin, the director of the Police of the Republic of Srpska Sinisa Kostresevic and other invitees.